Thursday, May 27, 2010

Roof Roof!!

Ready to close out the month of May. A few more projects accomplished, mixed with some minor R&R. Deb has been traveling a whole lot! Gone this whole week in Salt Lake City, last week to Northern Oregon, and week before driving all over Oregon, including a 10 hour drive to Klamath Falls. Been haunted at the house without her. When she finally gets home she is exhausted and before you know it, Monday arrives.
So, I keep busy doing a whole bunch of odds and ends…. Roofed the woodshed. Looked on Utube and saw how it is done. Easy. Had some left over shingles from the barn project so just used them. A very good idea. Planted more vegetables in the garden but no recent pics. Got some tomato plants from our friends Joanne and Rich. Joanne is a master gardner!
We have a robin nest on one of our “knee braces.” Baby robins are adorable, but they sure do not last long in the nest… already off and flying.
I had a great time burning up some stress. Literally. We had about four very large piles of scrap wood from the house construction…..all treated wood that can’t go in our wood masonry heater because of the glues and chemicals. Our friend Tod gave me a mixture of oil and diesel, and I added some unleaded to make it fire and away I went. Great day! After about 6 hours the stress of looking at big piles of scrap was reduced to ashes. It was fun. I am a pyro at heart and it reminded me of when we used to burn brush piles in Colorado for my work. Like I said, great fun! I even made a little video but can’t post that cause I don’t know how. Pretty funny.
That is about it. Daylight comes at about 430 am and lasts till nearly 10 pm. I love this time of year. Been doing a bit of bike riding after dinner. Love that too. Riding along the Puget Sound near sunset is a good thing. So much better than having to drive my bike in the truck like I did in Portland.
Now taking reservations for visits…………… Call ahead of time as much as you can so we can schedule.
VISA Accepted…….. LY D2

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tide Pools, Shrimp and Sunsets

Fun times and, yes, more sunsets. Our dear friends Lisa and Dick came up a weekend or so ago. We had a great time. Oddly, we made a blunder thinking we were free on the Friday they came up but found out we committed to go to a Pat Metheny concert in Seattle with our friends, Jon and Kathy. So, Lisa and Dick came up anyway and stayed at our place while we went to the concert. They said they needed the rest and had a wonderful evening just sitting around. It was a rainy evening, just right for settling in. The concert was fantastic! Got home around 1 am.
The pics show our Saturday with Lisa and Dick. We visited some tide pools that were just outstanding. Did some hiking and then bought some oysters for our dinner appetizer. Great day, great evening, great fun. The one shot is Lisa and Dick dancing in our living room. We love when our friends can just kick back and enjoy themselves and the house!
I also just met a really nice guy named Tom, who asked me if I wanted to go "shrimp fishing." Ah, yeah! We caught 68 shrimp that day and he was so kind to give me a generous handful! Need I say they were so damn good you would not believe!!!
Last but not least, I had to include another set of sunset shots. They have been amazing the last 10 days. I even turned a photo of my Mom and Dad toward the west so they could see it too. Of course they have a great view already...... it was just the thought. You know what I mean....
So, I’ll try to get it out of my system and send these ….. for now.
Enjoy! LY D2

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Setting Suns

Yes, I am possessed with sunsets. I love them. They signal the end of the day, a time to rest, reflect, and appreciate life. And, they make our house (inside and out), especially the cedar parts more beautiful. They also make our hummingbirds crazy….. they feed like mad just before the sun goes down, in preparation for cool nights when they will burn the “fuel” they drink just before “bedtime.” Deb and I just watched them, got buzzed by them, and held our fingers under the feeder so they could perch on them….what a treat!
Enjoy the pics.
LY – D2
PS....still a few more sunsets pics in the camera......:)