Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Growing Pains.....

OK, let the garden begin to grow! Heck of a weekend ….again. We actually finished what we had hoped for regarding the garden. We hired two young strong guys to help us haul soil to fill the boxes, and haul gravel for our trail. It was just too much work for Deb and I if we want to start planting any time soon. Worked great. We prepped the trail, planted some plants, and hauled bark chips to fill in around the boxes. Our plan for the “terrace fronts/walls” is to have either natural rock, or use the left over AAC and clad it with some gravel or rock. We think that will look pretty cool. Deb and I installed the pressure treated top rails that go around the perimeter of the garden. It went well. Then I climbed a ladder and cut the tops of the posts off with a chainsaw, while Deb used a piece of 1x4 to “push over” the tops of the posts so they would not fall on me while I held the chainsaw on the ladder. You get the idea…that would not be a good idea. She did a great job! Not one post “top” even came close to hitting me.
The narrow boxes along the fence are for raspberries and some table grapes…..so they can climb up the fence if necessary. Other boxes are for tomatoes, herbs, lettuces, squash, etc. We selected the boxes for each plant based on the amount of sunshine they get. We will be putting some trellises up too for snow peas, beans, and the tomatoes. Can’t wait.
Deb was using the weed whacker yesterday on the septic drain-field. I went over there to say “Hi,” and noticed a “view” of the house I had not seen in a long time…. We both were so happy with the way the house looked, that I could not resist taking a pic or two. The other pics are of the trail to the garden that takes off the main trail that goes from the parking spots to the front door of the house. It’s a “quaint” little trail that we can’t wait to walk on to get some fresh lettuce, herbs, or vegetables for the evening’s dinner! Come join us soon!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

2 of 3 looking really good

Progress, progress, progress……… sore muscles, sore backs, dry hands……… but, a very good sense of getting something we have dreamed about getting done. It’s all happening at once. Been hard at our three main chores of getting the woodshed built, finishing the garden so we can plant it and enjoy fresh produce, and actually be able to walk inside the barn. Woodshed is all done, except for some roofing shingles and filling it with chopped wood - that has yet to be cut, dried and chopped! Garden is mostly done – all the boxes are built - all 20 of them, 90% of them filled, post holes dug with our friend’s Wayne and Terry’s son Jeff, posts in place, and fencing is up. Still need to make some doors, fill in between boxes (pardon me, “raised beds” ) with bark chips (called "hog fuel" out here! – gotta love that!), make a "center feature - thinking a solar powered water fountain /bird bath) and of course, plant some plants. Barn is way better. I cleaned out the shop in the house (again) and now ready for some of my Dad’s tools/toolchests that have been in the barn. Boxes still need to be sorted but no question we can actually walk a bit inside the barn. Again, the sunsets are incredible. Matt and Rachel stopped in for a couple days going/coming back from Canada where Matt had work conferences. Love having them around….lot a fun always.
So, whew! Been a lot of work but the spring green- up is incredible, great sunsets, birds everywhere, etc. is really making our lives in Bow very pleasant. Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pushing to get things done.

Been awhile, but judging by the number of comments, we realize it’s been pretty quiet on your end too….:) Got back from Ohio end of March after attending my Aunt Mary Ann’s funeral. Really sad to say the least. It was even harder than I thought because we visited my parent's graves right after my Aunt’s burial. I had a meltdown. I thought it was even harder being at the cemetary this time than it was when we buried my Mom in October. Just so damn sad!!! I really miss her and my Dad. Miss them every day.
We got back the day before Deb’s birthday…April 1! We celebrated her birthday by taking a long ride around the area here. Nice to be out and just ride around. It is therapeutic. Went out to dinner on the following night. Good stuff!
So, here we are. You know, I would be lying if I didn’t tell you we are getting tired of working on the house and property. Really you say? Yeah, really. But, overall, we feel we have three more things we really want to get done and then we can peck away at the rest. Here they are: Clean out the barn, finish the raised bed garden including a deer fence, and build a woodshed. Really, those are the main three things that will get us in the game to really be able to enjoy the house.
The pics are really uneventful. See what we mean by cleaning the barn? Most of the "stuff" is from the house in Portland. Good grief. The most exciting part was burning some of the wrapping paper! Man, we really know how to live heh? Expect some pics of the garden and the woodshed soon. And, recall I said last year that “April Rocks?” Well, it is revving up again with some fantastic sunsents…. Big day again will be May 5 when the sun sets in the “slot” between the two main islands.. Lummi, and Orcas. All for now! Hummingbirds arrived at our feeders today!!
And Last, Happy Belated Easter...... I found my old Easter toys while cleaning out the barn.... oh the memories!!