Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hutch Part II

Thought it worth another post for some action shots of the hutch.... and a couple of "life at the new homestead." Deb at the hutch and watching the fire in the bake oven are really photos of "joy." I love watching a happy Debbie. Same for her feeding the squirrel (Buzzy) in the driveway. She is at peace.
Never thought making a pizza could be so much fun....... and to heat the house at the same time makes us smile. First real loaf of bread is next.
Love the wide shot of the heater too.... notice the picture windows on the right showing the "last light" we see over the islands before dark. Love that. And, why not another sunset shot? Days are getting longer and we can really just enjoy the sunsets instead of watching them for a couple minutes and then "getting back to work."
Anyway, enjoy. We are.
Love ya! D2

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Baking Hutch!

Debbie is one happy gal. Our baking hutch is complete! Seems like we waited forever for this to happen ..what else is new heh? As most of you know, she is a fantastic baker, and baking is one of her many hobbies. So, might be having fresh-baked bread in the near future. Yum. Believe it or not, I had full intentions of building the baking hutch for her. But, after seeing the fantastic craftsmanship of our other cabinets, I thought it best to not try to make it. Debbie would have loved it, but I can almost guarantee it would bug me every day to look at it and keep saying I should have done this or that, or that this doesn’t quite look as good as this or that etc….. I may try to build a hutch later, but that remains to be seen.
Regardless, we are both really happy because it is just one more step to a completed kitchen. Bar stools are due in a couple weeks, and we plan to install the under counter light for the baking hutch in the next day or so. After that, the kitchen will be complete. We are still debating a back splash but that is for another time….
I could not resist taking a few pics of our dining table after Debbie set it. It looked great! Sunlight starting to come in our south windows during the day…… days are getting longer too! Our heather plants near the barn are blooming!!!! Daffodils are coming up! Spring is around the corner, and the smell of fresh-baked bread will soon be filling the house!!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Late January Update

Been awhile but we are doing our best to keep up the blog… Overall, nothing major major going on but still busy as heck. Deb’s parents headed back to Michigan. Our dear friends Lisa and Dick came up for their first “overnight” at the house. Great fun. Went hiking, ate oysters from the bay, and Deb made her “oh so good” crab cakes! Oh my! Also celebrated my Birthday. Yeah! Ate like wolves....drank like fish….kinda..:) Pics show a sampler of our time with Lisa and Dick, construction of workbenches in the shop (which are now finished and we can get the pile of tools off the floor), baked our first mini-pizza’s in the bake oven!, even met a new dog at Larrabee State Park, named McKinley. Adorable puppy. Will be a monster! The scenery shot is from Larrabee. This park is a ten minute drive from the house. Fantastic place as you can see. We will launch our kayaks from here many times. And, let’s see, the mini-birds (shorebirds) are dunlins that come to winter in our area, and last but not least we have our dear Debbie (Bubbles) zoning out in the new tub. Relaxation is a good thing.
Stay tuned for the baking hutch photo!