Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Great Wall(s) of Bowville

As promised, here are a couple pics of the new raised bed garden “retaining” walls. Overall they are finished. Just need to backfill behind the wall with the last of the left over AAC block remnants and then fill the rest with wood chips… once again, called “hog-fuel” out this way... Love that!

We like the walls a lot. It started by wheelbarrowing the stone to the garden, then mixing mortar in five gallon buckets and wheeling them in to the site. Then the fun began of piecing everything together. It's like a puzzle. Even built four sets of stairs and clad them with stone too. Each stairwell has two flower boxes on each side, also made of AAC block and stone. Hey, why not? Only a few more hours of work but well worth it. It was a fun project overall. I love working outside- rain or shine. It also was like a giant outdoor art I can't even remember when I last did anything artsy... I miss that.

Deb intends to plant some crocus bulbs in the flower boxes now, and by springtime we should have some nice flowers. Very cool heh? I will be planting garlic bulbs tomorrow and by July we should have a load of fresh garlic.

All for now kids… Love ya, D2


Patty and Steve said...

The walls look fantastic. You two should be very content in all of your accomplishments on the house. Just Fabulous.

don said...

Once again you two are too kind! Glad you like the garden walls. Deb planted the bulbs yesterday so now we have to wait till spring for the results. I planted a whole raised bed worth of garlic on Friday. We should be able to harvest in July. It takes about another month to dry them out and they will be ready to eat. Hey, maybe you will be here to try em' out!!!